Low cost asteroid miner prototype

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As all rocket startups we are thinking about possible payload. OMG, yes, we still alive! While others have a plans to launch geostationary satellites or LEO communications, we are aimed to asteroid mining.
Near Earth asteroids has about 5 000 potential targets to mine water, metals, rare materials. Due to new space era some possible customers could be found in the space.

The idea of spacecraft is integrating all systems (especially power) between themselves for greater efficiency of the whole system.

The key of power system is Stirling engine working on hydrogen with high pressure. The heating is solar concentrator. Instead of solar panels that have degradation over years, Stirling engine could work significantly amount of time (100+ years) and could be recharged by hydrogen extracted from asteroid water.
Fuel tanks, water electrolysis system, roboarms. Enough for the first prototype :)
Developing process to be continued… - VentureMiner
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