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Interstellar object ʻOumuamua flew in our Solar system and immediately escaped and you know why? It didn’t want to mess with Earthlings!

Good day, future space travellers! :)

It was early 2018 and me, knowing that most of my customers are located in the USA applied for accelerators in Silicon Valley - 500Startups and Founder Institute.

No luck with 500Startups but I was invited by Founder Institute to Star Fellow program. No wonder, because head of FI - Adeo Ressi is a college friend of Elon Musk.

Adeo is passionate about space-related things and it has really motivated me.

I bought tickets immediately, I’d knew that my mom will be not ok with this venture journey.

A little preparation process, flight from Moscow and here it is - first sunrise in JFK.

4 months has passed very quickly. And that was really hard! I was permanently under stress all the time. New country, new people, new language, new program. Moreover I saw how group peers leave even though they were showing really great results. It scared me a lot.

No matter how hard it was, no matter that my second language isn't that good, I graduated!

I also presented a gift to Founder Institute - medal with the image of rocket. :)

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