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Hey all, I bet It's too late, but it’s time to share some information about company and how things are going and... Yeah.

Let's start from the beginning.

I'm Alex, and my project is about small rockets for small payloads. I don’t say satellites for a reason because what if someone needs to launch an interplanetary probe? Or an interstellar one, right? :)

I chose liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen for a lot of reasons - It's great rocket fuel, best specific impulse, near Earth asteroids are full of water, Moon has water, Earth also has water, incredible fact, I know! :)

And yes, I know how hard it is to deal with liquid hydrogen. But probably if something is hard, you need to work with it, to make it more simple and affordable. We talk a lot about how hydrogen technology is changing the world, and we will make zero emission, but maybe let's talk less and start doing that? A lot of great hydrogen technologies could be transferred to the automotive industry!

You know that song -

Fear, and panic in the air,

I want to be free,

From desolation and despair…

performed by Muse, yeah, internal combustion engines are really desolation and despair, and I want to change it. And yes it's crazy starting from a rocket, but why not ? :)

Oh, yeah, we talk about rockets today!

Here it is -

500kg of payload,

Reusable first stage,

Reusable second stage - kinda crazy but I got good Ideas about it.

Thinking about mobile launch pad, but I'm still not sure. It definitely will be on small rocket prototypes, by the way!

to be continued...

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