• Alex

2018 results report

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Well, it is necessary to write the results of the year, kind of. I’ll post a photos, say a little about the engines and my life, of course!

How it’s going in 2019, space amateurs and professionals? :)

I look at the last year and I understand that a lot of things has been done, and considering a severe lack of finances, I practically conquered the universe. Yes, that’s right!

So, after completing my acceleration at the Founder Institute startup accelerator, it was necessary to continue to look for venture investments, but not everything is so simple in this world, especially without a good knowledge of English language and the US citizenship. Cherry on the cake in this no doubt a majestic picture was Russian passport and growing personal debts.

My cash is gone during living in the Silicon Valley, so I returned to Moscow, took a short breath and made an agreement with the business angel to continue working. I applied for a new B1/B2 visa in the US, since the old one has expired. And got rejected. Yes! 160 bucks of the consular fee were burned through causing irreparable financial damage to an already shaky aerospace startup.

Under the pressure of my own logic and my business angel I thought about various spinoffs, since there is no big income and as a result I bought a cheap 3D printer for prototyping. I bought it myself, assembled it myself, set it up myself, fiddled with problems. Who wins jackpot? Me!

But it’s not enough! So that there was more suffering, I bought mini lathe, and some brass for experiments.

Now I can make a rocket with engines right at home, it remains to buy some molybdenum alloys, I already have some titanium alloys. :)

And now may I have your attention please, there will be a little high tech. “Almost completed” the engine for the second stage of our ultra light space rocket M. Here he is handsome!

It would be necessary to make a testing equipment for verification, of course.

I think pretty soon there will be a new section on the website - “crazy projects”, where ideas will be laid out that are on the other side of the axis of reason. Party time!

p.s. Boys Like Rockets. And it’s never be “too many”. ;)