Engineering design and additive technologies

[ CAD / CAE modeling services for mechanical engineering and power engineering products ]

[ Prototyping services ]
[ Organization of turnkey additive manufacturing of products (from project planning to provision of equipment) ]
[ Services of additive and subtractive manufacturing of products ]
[ Production of functional units from composites - carbon fiber, carbon-silicon fibers and matrices of the Si-C system, parts with operating temperatures up to 2500 Celsius degrees, services of casting and Hot isostatic pressing "HIP" (up to 2000 bars) ]
[ Full cycle of the R&D implementations ]
[ Works and consulting in the fields of renewable energy, powerful generators and new high-capacity storage devices (based on graphene) ]
[ Engineering design and manufacture of various products from technical ceramics - corundum (Al2O3). The maximum dimensions of the products are 100x100x100 mm. ]
Engineering design a liquid rocket engine for additive production using on kerosene and hydrogen peroxide (85%). Engine thrust 500N.
Photo of the designed and additive manufactured methane and oxygen gas rocket engine. Thrust 25 N.
Engineering design a propeller for an electric surfboard with a power of about 1kW.
Гребной винт 01.png
Гребной винт 02.png
Гребной винт 03.png
Engineering design of a pneumohydraulic scheme of a test fire facility for liquid rocket engines.
Unmanned aerial vehicle impeller engineering design.
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Engineering design of a pneumatic-hydraulic scheme of a test fire facility for liquid-propellant rocket engines using hydrogen peroxide and kerosene.
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