Aleksei Kaltushkin Online Biography_ 

Creating technologies for asteroid mining and space exploration

Aleksei Kaltushkin is an entrepreneur living in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (IT engineering) and proceeded to work in Siemens IT Solutions and Services as an IT specialist.

Passionate about aerospace technology and hardware engineering Aleksei cofounded rocket startup “Lin Industrial” in the end of 2013. Over a course of 4 years company developed light launch vehicle “Taymyr” and participated in different scientific research projects with several Roscosmos organizations.

In 2017 he quit and started company «New Rocket Technologies». The major goal of the project is reducing the cost of launching spacecrafts (up to 500kg/1100lb) and developing asteroid mining technologies.

In his free time Aleksei loves to travel, watch sci-fi tv shows, fly Cessna and visit museums with friends.

You can reach him at , +7-967-157-80-66